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“In Milan, does Design Week ever end?”. Milan is a city that designs, that wants to design and that gladly let’s itself be designed. All year long. Every year, in April, we receive testimony from design week in which the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone show us that people in Milan live in a constant design atmosphere that doesn’t only concern those for whom design is a profession but that also engages enthusiasts, citizens and all those who have at heart what the future holds.

In this perspective and in this context, in which the design mentality, the desire for understanding and active participation, are an integrated part of the city’s urban and social fabric, Fuorisalone Magazine reports on the stories, people, follow-ups and previews of design in Milan and the world, becoming for the first time the sanctuary of contents and news connected to the international panorama. It is a reference point for professionals in the field, enquirers, enthusiasts, students, citizens, those who design for work and those who never really understood design. We’ll explore the constant design atmosphere present in Milan, this time touching New York, Beirut, Oslo, Sydney and Miami to then return, here, to Milan, the design capital of the world.

With this intent we await the next Fuorisalone 2018 that, like every year, will bring design to the streets, open to all in a great, beautiful and shared dialogue.

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The work of AtelierFORTE ranges from land art to architecture, from sculpture to design, but also drawing, painting, photography and video. All these elements contribute to defining a new style: ArkiZoic. Duilio Forte is known by the Design Week visitors for his Sleipnir Troll Mini, the small mythological animals used as prize for the winners of the Milan Design Award. His studio is a magical place where one can lose himself among details and huge zoomorphic sculptures.



At Fuorisalone I discovered the amazing abundance of hidden places inside Milan.

— Duilio Forte

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