A new life for Domus, introduced by Michele De Lucchi

18 December 2017

10 architects for 10 issues for 10 years: that’s the formula chosen by Domus magazine to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018. A new course for the iconic magazine of architecture, design and contemporary art founded by Gio Ponti, in which the role of the editor-in-chief will serve as core vision. An innovative editorial project starting with Michele De Lucchi, an architect who “represents the excellence of Italian Design, with an international vision and capable of leading a fertile dialogue between architecture, design and art” says Maria Giovanna Mazzocchi, president of Domus. De Lucchi will dedicate his Domus to objects, their value and meaning and each issue of the magazine will focus on a key word – like “rebellion”, “silence”, “emotion”, “chaos”. An interaction between disciplines: among which anthropology, economics, meteorology, and philosophy.

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