The Minecraft experience inside "Sandbox"

01 March 2018

Previously we talked about “Sandbox: the playroom has no walls”, the space curated by Studiolabo, part of the exhibition “999. Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo” by Stefano Mirti at the Triennale di Milano.


The exhibition space is one of a kind playground for adults, a twenty square meters living room that materializes from sand and shells, within which the visitors can play with many board games, learn about Spartaco Albertarelli (one of the main Italian game designers) and virtually surf the Triennale di Milano in a world expressly created by Marco Vigelini in Minecraft.


However, the physical space is only a synthesis of what is happening online.
Actually, since 45 days the Minecraft world developed in partnership with Microsoft has become a meeting point for enthusiasts, schools and gamers. A huge digital world is taking shape around the building of the Triennale di Milano. All those who connect either through the Xbox present in the game room, or remotely via Internet can enrich the world of the Triennale di Milano and the surrounding areas with art works or new constructions, thus amplifying the experience of the physical exhibition to infinity by joining an ever-changing virtual visit that can be experienced by anyone wherever he or she is.


Three workshops have been organized by Marco Vigelini that involved participants from all over the world, with 14,000 online accesses, 700 creators and 90 areas claimed and under construction currently visible on the server:

You can admire some images of areas built here: Dropbox


You can take part to the project until April 2nd, at the bottom of the page the data to access the server and contribute to the growth of this experiment that features for the first time in the world a Museum that interfaces with the public through Minecraft.



- Connect your Minecraft Java Edition user to the Minecraft Java server 
- Domain:
- IP address:
- Port: 25565
- Minecraft Java Edition version running on the server: 1.12.2
- To be able to build in a random area, press T and enter /plot auto
- If you want to build in the free zone where your character is located: /plot claim

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