How to promote an event at Fuorisalone is a communication platform, which offers a support system to companies, agencies, private people or associations for the conception, creation and promotion of events during the Milano Design Week.

Since 2003 is the official guide to the event. Institutionally recognised and supported, it has also been the reference point for the Interareas project, supported by Milan City Council within the "Milano Creativa" programme. is a tool that talks about the events of the Fuorisalone, experiencing them at first hand, bringing the key players of the Design Week to the foreground, with a background of a city that lives total changing situations revolving around design and creativity for a week.

The aim of is the promotion of design as an event, performance and installation in the urban pattern. A design that, by moving out of its official spaces, becomes accessible to all through the use of appropriate tools and services.

Format offers the possibility to publish for free complete information about your event in the online guide as "basical event" (registrations starting in March 2019 ).

If you want to give more visibility to your brand or event between the thousand of other Fuorisalone events, offers you also some purchasable communication formats.


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As anticipated, the proposed contents in the package are flexible and can be possibly integrated with other single elements, to be defined on the basis of the project.

E.Reporter project

This format includes a page all dedicated to images made by e.Reporters, that can be selected through a search engine organized by author, event, itinerary or location. It’s possible for a client to work with a dedicated team of ten e.Reporters for specific projects suggested by the client.
Here is an example from 2018.


The web page dedicated to a single itinerary foresees a first section reporting events selected on the map, a gallery of images and a presentation text in addition to the list of single events linked to a web page in the Events section.
Here is an example from 2018.

Social Feed

The page on the web site is present within the section Live and it is arranged on the basis of the contents shared with the company.
Here is an example from 2018.


Focus Article

Focus is an extended article dedicated to a single brand or proposed project that results to be the most visible and important content within the website. The company will have a dedicated web page, with a specific url, composed by different elements. This article will be linked also to the Events section of the website.
Here are some examples.

Discover Article

This type of article includes a brief text accompanied by an image and a link to learn more. A simple way to present and promote editorial contents.
Here are some examples.

Stories Article

Stories wish to witness the Fuorisalone through the eyes of its protagonists, design companies that have made history. A collection of original interviews, anecdotes and revelations. The layout of the article foresees a company profile followed by an interview.
Here are some examples.

People Article

The People section presents the Design Week through the eyes of designers or important characters tied to the Milan design week. The article is made first by an introductive and description profile; the interview is following.
Here are some examples.


Newsletter: Dedicated DEM

The DEM is definitely the most effective tool in order to reach more people of the same sector, with a unique sending. It is a newsletter dedicated to a unique brand or company and it could be sent before, during or after the Design Week. The base of recipients is made of more than 30,000 users
Here is an example.

Social Media package

The communication of foresees also an intense activity on social media: Facebook (28,000 total fans) and Instagram (29.000 total followers). The Social Media offer dedicated to companies is thought as an integration to the formats. It is necessary to present an original and different content in case there are more posts scheduled. The contents for social media posts shall be approved by our Social Media Team, in order to guarantee editorial coherence.


The free App of, available for iOS and Android, offers the events guide and itineraries of Fuorisalone. If interested, the client can define a project together with us to promote its contents on this specific tool, such as the logo on some sections or the management of push notifications.

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