At Orgatec 2018 the new visions of work

24 October 2018

Where is the office today? Is it in our smartphones and tablets? Does it only exist in our heads? Or do we still need the ritual of coming to a physical space dedicated to work?


Some of the most successful companies of our time construct a campus, a home for their staff to cultivate the tradition of coming together in a single place. Many of these office projects are of impressive architectural quality, built for the ages by confident corporations.

For employees these sites are like miniature cities with a wide range of goods, services and facilities in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. The interiors play a crucial role in manifesting the corporate identity, signalling attitudes and values to clients, partners and – most importantly – the company’s own workforce.


Other businesses are adapting to the noncommittal, unpredictable nature of our time. In order to react to rapid changes in their markets, they are forming agile organisational structures that constantly evolve. They do not create permanent, definitively equipped work environments, but keep the infrastructure light, mobile, and ready to adapt and move to a new location at any moment. They rent furniture and office space instead of owning or building.


These are just some of the themes to explore this year at Orgatec, the the leading international trade fair dedicated to working environments being held in Cologne from 23 to 27 October.


For five days Orgatec will showcase trends and innovations for the work culture of tomorrow, with products and visionary concepts.

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