Coop_70 Valori in scatola

18 December 2018

From November, 16th until January, 13th at La Triennale di Milano on show 'Coop_70. Values ​​in box', the unmissable celebration of the seventy years of Coop brand products.


An ironic and festive story by Giulio Iacchetti and Francesca Picchi, a 'total' and immersive experience made of images, information, direct and multimedia experiences, to discover the history of Coop, the values ​​of cooperation but also the link with the daily life, the members, the commitments aimed at educating to conscious consumption and the future.

Inside the 'Cooperative Farm', the entire area dedicated to children, under the guidance of an animator, expert in the topics and in the educational relationship, lets live an experience of what happens to some foods from the field to the plate . Through games and activities it is possible to experience the value of collaboration, the sharing of one's own abilities and the respect of the roles for the management of the "own" cooperative farm that produces, transforms and sells products of the earth.


Cover Photo © Coop
Internal Photo ©  Memorie Cooperative

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Palazzo della Triennale
Viale Alemagna, 6
20121 Milan

La Triennale


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