Christmas is approaching the Vitra Campus

20 December 2018

From November, 16th, at the Vitra Campus, walking from the VitraHaus, continuing to the Siza-Promenade, to get up to the Fire Station, looking at the ground, it is natural to ask the question: which footprints belong to which animals?

Visitors waiting for the parties are invited to join the fun, in fact, following the traces of the Eames Elephants, the Eames House Birds and other furry or feathered friends can participate in the competition valid until December 29.

The purpose of the game? Match the footprints to the animals on the map that can be collected at the VitraHaus desk.

To win the winners, three lucky ones will be awarded, which will be either a lavish banquet at Zaha Hadid's Fire Station or a soft Resting Bear designed by the Front Design duet.

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