Poggi Ugo "Land" designed by Masquespacio by Valentina Guida Ottobri

01 April 2019

Land is a site-specific installation on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of one of the most renowned Terracotta companies of Italy: Poggi Ugo.

When design and material meet, we are invited to reflect on the space around us; in particular how it animates and invigorates our daily lives, taking the time to reflect on the possibilities to live out and interpret the interior space.
The past and the present exchange inspiration: The mission trusted to the Spanish studio Masquespacio is rediscover ‘Land’ in its natural essence as a lush and peaceful oasis.
The same ‘Land’ (in Italian “Terra”) is worked by knowing hands to give it new life in the form of a collection consisting of 19 new creations.
Following this logic the project, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, offers a key to understanding the transformations of landscapes, territories and physical and cultural geographies of the contemporary world.
A landscape of interiors lives like a book of countless metamorphoses; a dream in search of exotic countries, in a continuous rebirth of warm human colors. A theater of bodies and post-modern elements, fragrant elixirs and cement urban design.

Design Partner:
MOSAE - Milano Open Studio Architecture Engineering.
The company operating in the design and construction field focused on art, developing cutting-edge technology solutions, and  architectural  languages. Mosae  is  strongly  oriented  to  a  holistic  approach  to  engineering  and  puts  emphasis on the whole built environment  for design, fashion and architecture.

Technical partner:

Strategic Footprints, via Edmondo de Amicis 19, 20123 Milano, 8 – 14 April 2019, 10.30– 19.00. 


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Poggi Ugo
Poggi Ugo
Poggi Ugo

Strategic Footprints
Strategic Footprints
Strategic Footprints


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