Eataly presents PRATOFIORITO

04 April 2019

PRATOFIORITO is a temporary garden, situated in Piazza XXV Aprile, promoted and designed by
Eataly Milano Smeraldo in collaboration with Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and the
support of the Municipality of Milan.
It was designed by the architect Davide Fabio Colaci in collaboration with the students of the
Politecnico of Milan and the designer Dario Valenti. It donates a field full of flowers and plants,
that stimulate the urban biodiversity
, to the city. It is an open place, composed by an embankment
enclosed by a bench that surround a small protected Arena for outdoor activities. A garden that
mix togheter species, educational content and activities related to “Bee the future” project. The
purpose of the project is to bring back the biodiversity of weeds through a three-year
commitment to reforestation of 100 hectares in Italy with flowers loved by bees, because we must
not forget that "To make a seed you need a bee!". Inside the garden there will be a distributor of
organic seeds of the company Arcoiris and
free thematic installations made by architecture
students of the Politecnico of Milan.

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From April 2nd to May 12th
Piazza XXV Aprile

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