OLTRE SOCIETY – Design Collection | Society Limonta

12 June 2020

Creativity is an energy that needs to be nourished and enhanced, always. OLTRE Society –Design Collection is the guideline for a passionate research which enriches, improves and offers new hints to creativity. In this permanent laboratory, the synergy between ideas and craftmanship creates new objects designed to partner and live together with Society textile collections. OLTRE Society includes projects dedicated to experimentation and development of new Design products, imagined by Society Limonta’s creative team or in collaboration with artists and designers close to the Brand’s style, philosophy and approach. Designed by Dario Antoniali, ISACCO – Shapeless Shape and BERNARDO – Transformiture reinterprets common objects from everyday life, such as the laundry basket and the valet stand, these projects create a practical extension of the textile collections, interpreting Society’s vision and identity, mixing design, research and functionality.

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