15 June 2020

MyMosaic is a wall covering in a patented nanopolymer that reproduces any digital image in mosaic, with tesserae that can be customized in shape and size. Technologically it is highly innovative, with that Italian creativity and a touch of artisanship that make each creation unique. Its spectacular potential and the high level of customization cannot but appeal to designers and architects.
So here is an invitation to image and experiment. Ideally reaching out to the hospitality industry’s interiors of various types and at different latitudes, we steep ourselves in situations inspired by scenes of life. Illustrations, photographs and paintings by artists, reproduced in MyMosaic, add a special “aura” to the locations. Designers can use our images or can choose their own which we will produce in MyMosaic.

These are just some of the possible applications of the product, a source of inspiration for new shapes of art.

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