Woak presents Repeta collection

18 June 2020

Woak is the result of 25 years working, travelling and meeting people from all around the world. A meltin pot DNA where skills originate from crossed cultures combined with the woodworking tradition of Bosnia, the land where the company and the raw material comes from. Reinterpretation of iconic designs of the past through innovative techniques and the research on new and sustainable materials are the central points of the project.
Each piece is expression of the craftmanship expertise and traditional know how that come out in every phase of the production. Repeta collection is the symbol and the summary of this identity.
The strong personality of the collection is the strength of the carpenters and the solid wood which only the carpenter’s expert hands can work to obtain the meticulous groove of the surfaces and the complex assembling system. The variety in colors and models represents the dynamis of the brand, always seeking for new challenges. The charisma of Repeta tells the story of a brand that is growing thanks to the quality and the high level of craftsmanship mixed with innovation.

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