LONDONART presents the new Exclusive wallpaper and GLASS collection 20  

18 June 2020

The result of research, dedication and imagination, the new Londonart 2020 collections are a combination of understated tones and bourgeois realms, Seventies geometric patterns, embellished with tantalising textures, capable of creating a three-dimensional illusion with a trompe-l’oeil effect. A fantastic journey, full of pop-art accents, neoclassical and renaissance representations and cinematic overtones. Abstract and geometric images, inserted in different contexts, stimulating a new perception of spaces.  The vegetation, in the new collections, is a triumph of cacti, tropical and Mediterranean plants in which classicism is in harmony with nature. Highly evocative backgrounds where the over-sized decoration is the stand-out feature for wallpaper that can broaden horizons and transform a simple wall into something harmonious and intoxicating. This year, the subjects are characterised by intense energy, the result of a special contamination between the world of fashion and the world of art, with forays into the Orient and references to the first Cubist experiments. Elegant and sophisticated decorations to conjure up intimate, yet bold settings in the bathroom and anywhere in the home.

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