Errante: wander without straying

22 June 2020

Travelling continuously brings people and ideas together along the line of the horizon and the centre of gravity that intersects it. What happens when movement becomes continuous? In their dreamy realism, Rome-born Gabriele Villa and Ivan Lomuti created Errante, a design brand that turns wonder and curiosity into the drive to research and welcome ideas, and create new environments to feel at ease in. At Errante, you can find the lightness of art, the preparedness of design, and the concreteness of craftsmanship: a free and light creative exchange between artist, designer and crafter, to create tangible, everyday and desirable pieces.

Designed by Errante, the Zeroventi Collection consists of 16 dry, rigorous, synthetic elements. They are objects of shrill personality, designed to adapt to different environments, to let yourself choose with simplicity and call out with familiarity. Otherwise, how uncomfortable an uninhabitable world would be.

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