A wall of Art is a wall of Leatherwall

21 July 2020

Studioart is a well-established leader in the innovation, development and production of the highest quality textured leather wall coverings for interiors, it is a profound advocate for luxurious quality and aesthetic.
The result of the Studioart collection features new designs, from different design teams - they feel unified yet distinctive and they are aligned with the brand ethos, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation.
From one side, Studioart design team explores new combinations and shapes, and on the other side, external designers are asked to interpret Studioart signature Leatherwall. In this way, Studioart texturized wall covering proposals have a double sided soul.
Different background and creative approach are visible throughout the lines and the common theme is the versatility of leather as a material.
The original finishes and refined leathers from Studioart latest collection Duo, designed by Massimo Brancati/Studioart, perfectly marry with more classic collections, creating a perfect balance between handcrafts and contemporary flair.
DUO is an innovative leather wall covering made of two layers of leather where fascinating triangular geometries are laser-cut on the surface and are arranged together to make a whole. The resulting design recalls natural elements, such as fossils and trees.

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