Torre: the new building that completes the Fondazione Prada

Torre: the new building that completes the Fondazione Prada - Milan.

22 June 2018

It’s called Torre and it’s a sixty meters tall parallelepiped realized in white structural concrete on sight, it consists of nine floors, each of them offers an unique perception of the environments. Half of this develops on trapezoidal base, the others on rectangular one.


The height of the ceilings increasing from the lower part upward, various from the 2,7 meters of the first floor to the last 8 meters. The external façade are characterized by the sequence of surfaces of glass and concrete, that allow on each floor is an exposure to the light at the north, east or west sides, while the last expositive area is endowed with zenithal light. The south side of the Tower introduces a diagonal structure that unites it at the Deposito, inside the panoramic elevator.  


As Rem Koolhaas sustains "together of these differences it produces an extreme spatial variety inside a simple volume, so that the interaction between the environments and the single projects or works of art offers an endless series of possible configurations."


On the first six floors of Torre it is possible to see the Atlas exhibition, a project been born by a dialog among Miuccia Prada and Germano Celant, that gathers works of the Collezione Prada in a succession of spaces that welcoming solos or comparisons, created for assonance or contrast, among artists as Carla Accardi e Jeff Koons, Walter De Maria, Mona Hatoum ed Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Michael Heizer e Pino Pascali, William N. Copley e Damien Hirst, John Baldessari e Carsten Höller.


On the sixth floor there is the restaurant "Torre" furnished with the original of the restaurant Four Season of New York designed by Philip Johnson on 1958. Inside works like the installation of Carsten Höller, The Double Club (2008-2009), three sculptures of Lucio Fontana – two polychrome ceramics Cappa per caminetto (1949) and Pilastro (1947) and a mosaic in glass paste and concrete Testa di Medusa (1948-54), and a selection of paintings of William N. Copley, Jeff Koons, Goshka Macuga e John Wesley.


On the roof top of the building the terrace with a cafe from which offers 360° vision on the city of Milan.


The Fondazione Prada is an experience that brings the visitors to make contact with art, fine dining and architecture.



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