Phil the bottle by Palomar

Tap Water is cool.

16 July 2019

Using Phil the bottle is not only a responsible choice, because water is the contemporary gold and environmental pollution must be reduced. It is also an invitation to become modern water finders who, while searching for water, will find new and unknown city locations, learn new itineraries and discover new perspectives. Each Phil the bottle is dedicated to a specific city; there are aParis bottle and a London one, a Tokyo and a Milan bottle, and so on, creating a collection of cities – and bottles – that grows over time.


On the back of each bottle there is a list of the city’s drinking fountain locations, where it can be filled; these available sources of drinking water, which is safe because it is highly monitored, are listed one by one with easy to find addresses. Phil the bottle is a sort of analog APP!


This list of drinking fountains reminds us that every city has a privileged relationship with water, the most precious and often forgotten public asset. This project is an amusing invitation to use more tap and less bottled water.

Design: Pizzolorusso
Graphic: Anna Colonnelli
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