What to expect from Fuorisalone next June

03 March 2020

PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020 has officially been canceled. But is going to launch new digital formats for the week of 15-21 June 2020. Read more here.


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After the formal communication of Salone del Mobile.Milano about the shift of the fair from April to June (15-21) 2020, we can officially say that also Fuorisalone has been adapted to these new dates.

Although Fuorisalone is a very complex and differently organized "machine" compared to a canonical fair, all the curators involved have formalized their intention to re-organize things in less than 24 hours from the official notice. 
At the same time as our first message we also promised more details within a few days: here they are.

The "Tavolo Interzone", a municipal organ active since about 5 years, has been in these days the collector for all the informations between the main authors (the official Design Districts) of the Fuorisalone, achieving a well coordinated communication through within a few hours. An incredible goal until a few years ago. 
Soon this organ (including Brera Design District, Tortona Rocks, Tortona Design Week, Superstudio, BASE Milano, Ventura Projects, Porta Venezia in Design, INBOVISA, Asia Design Milano, 5vie art+design) will become a recognized Board of the City of Milan and will increase its coordination role for Milano Design Week.

Today, we can state that companies, location owners and sponsors got the news as a fact and are responding without hesitation. There is a physiological decrease of only 7% of exhibitors (an average recorded among all the districts) mainly due to the overlapping of the new dates with the Milan Men's Fashion Week, which caused the consequent non-availability of certain exhibition spaces. In other cases there has been an overlap of events in the calendar of companies, while so far few cases of cancellation are directly due to the problem of the spread of Coronavirus.
On the other hand, some brands, which wouldn't be available in April, are now showing interest in participating in June; it's clear that this can represent a great and new opportunity for everyone.

This June's is about to be the most awaited edition of Milan Design Week. In fact, there has never been such an important change in the dates previously announced. The communication effort will have to be impressive in order to inform the design community and keep the public’s expectations high. Definitely a great opportunity for brands and sponsors who can find new ideas for communication and greater visibility.

The organizers of the Fuorisalone themselves want to do more. Having two additional months and having already done most of the operational work, there is time to test innovative formats and enhance what is already planned.
For example, in the coming weeks will launch two new projects dedicated to Asian clients: stay in touch with us to know more!

As a result, the period between 20 and 26 April 2020 returns to be free of appointments, without all the Fuorisalone's events. It could be a great time for local events, small exhibitions and discussions on the culture of Design, in the style of our Brera Design Days.

Finally, the postponement of Milano Design Week could be a unique opportunity to strengthen relations among the organizers of the event. The "Tavolo Interzone" organ, when it would become a recognized Board, will be participatory, also for the Salone del Mobile institution, which will have the opportunity to share intentions and interests in communication with the world of Fuorisalone.

As already stated in the past few days, Fuorisalone does not stop, but reorganizes itself to create another memorable edition. We think that this situation will privilege the presence of insiders rather than the general public, thus responding to the request emerged in recent editions: to do less and do it better.

The aim in this delicate phase is to reassure the involved entrepreneurs that the operative and communicative machine is still running. As insiders, we see opportunities and of course some problems that can be easily solved.

So, the two main protagonists of Fuorisalone will be called to take important positions in the coming weeks: entrepreneurs will be called to reconfirm their presence and investments; the public will be called to communicate their willingness to visit Milan in a week of June in which - we want to believe - everything will be beautiful again.

Fuorisalone 2020
June 15th - 21st


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