Automobili Lamborghini – the creator of colourful adventures

02 July 2020

Lamborghini is best-known for its vibrant and distinctive colours. Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini knew that his entrepreneurial and successful clientele wanted to customise their super sports cars from the most extensive colour choices.

Lamborghini’s colourful history saw the first 350 GT and 400 GT cars in delicate shades, while with the 1966 Miura the options exploded: from model Twiggy’s customised Verde Giallo to the Shah of Persia’s many Miuras with the first in Arancio. The 1970s Countach saw clients’ tastes evolve through yellow, red and green and psychedelic shades of purple.

Lamborghini colours only expanded with the specialist colour and trim studio Ad Personam, opening at the heart of the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory in 2016, allowing clients to customise exteriors and interiors with virtually limitless options.

Today, Lamborghini cars are as distinctive for their design and line-enhancing colours on the V12 Aventador, V10 Huracán and the Super SUV Urus, as they are with their engine roar, handling and performance.

The Lamborghini Urus now starts its own colourful adventures for model year 2021, building on the success of more than 8,300 models delivered since launch. Showcasing the inimitable style and exhilarating performance of the Lamborghini Super SUV, the new Pearl Capsule two-tone exteriors embrace Lamborghini’s traditional high-gloss pearl colors, with high gloss black roof and details, and complementary two-tone interiors.

To celebrate the launch of the new Pearl Capsule, Lamborghini created a social experiment in which 6 guests were presented the new colours while interviewed about their personality: the final goal? Find out if there’s a link between personality and colour choice.

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